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Organisation Details

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Contact Details

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Github Profile

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Project Proposal

  • Title: Name of the Project

  • Project Overview: Detailed summary, including your understanding and its use case

  • Features: List of five features you appreciate in the platform

Technical Skills and Relevant Experience

  • List of programming languages and technologies you're proficient

  • Description of relevant projects or contributions to open-source

Implementation Timeline and Milestones

  • Week-by-week plan outlining goals, tasks, and deliverables

  • Specific milestones for project phases

Summary About Me

  • Brief introduction

  • Your motivation for applying and what you aim to bring to the project.

Availability and Commitment

  • Number of hours per week you can dedicate

  • Any other engagements during the project period ( any exams, classes, holidays, other jobs, weddings, etc )

Contribution to OHC Repo (if applicable)

  • Provide Links to any previous contributions to the organization's repositories

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